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Paola Nielsen-Lensgraf

Start Laser Hair Removal Now and Be Silky Smooth by Swimsuit Season

Have you ever thought about how many more times in your life you’ll have to shave your legs or underarms? If the answer is “too many,” then shaving might not be for you.

Or, consider this: Does your skin become chafed at your bikini line every summer? Do you end up shaving your legs every day because hair seems to grow so much faster in the heat?

If you’re tired of spending so much time shaving unwanted hair, now’s the perfect time to get laser hair removal. Our expert medical aestheticians with MediSpa at Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, use the patented Diolaze laser system to remove unwanted hair.

Why get laser hair removal now instead of during the summer?

If you want silky smooth legs this summer, you must start now. That’s because laser hair removal takes more than one session to complete. It’s a process that requires time and patience.

Here’s how it works: At any given time, the hairs on your body are at varying stages of growth. Our Diolaze laser targets hair that’s in an active growth phase. It destroys the roots of those hair follicles. However, that’s only about one-third of the hair in the target area.

You’ll need four to six laser hair removal sessions to eliminate all of the unwanted hair. Each session is spaced an average of about six weeks apart. Starting now ensures your skin is smooth and silky by summer.

How long does a laser hair removal session last?

Session length depends on the areas you get treated. For a small problem area, such as your upper lip or toes, the procedure lasts less than 10 minutes. However, if you have dense unwanted hair covering your back, your procedure lasts about an hour.

Is there any preparation for laser hair removal?

Yes. If you can, don’t do it before the procedure because the extra pigment in your skin may redirect the laser’s energy away from your hair follicles. Excessive sun exposure too soon after the procedure also risks damage to your skin. These are two more important reasons to start laser hair removal before summer.

Also, shave the area to be treated within 24 hours of the treatment. Don’t tweeze, pluck, or wax the area before or after any of the treatment sessions. Finally, on the morning of the procedure, wash your body thoroughly with a gentle cleanser. Avoid any moisturizers or lotions.

Once you decide to have the procedure, we provide written instructions at your consultation.

Call MediSpa at Choto today to book an appointment for all of your aesthetic needs. We help you look and feel your best.