Hormone Therapy Treatment Options:

Discover balanced well-being with our comprehensive Hormone Health & Labwork services. Our offerings are designed to assess and address your unique hormonal needs, ensuring optimal health and vitality.

Consult & Lab Work


Begin your journey with a detailed consultation and lab work, providing insights into your hormone levels and overall health.

Available Massage


Stay in optimum health with wellness consultaions + labs.

  • Cholesterol Lab ……… $10

Basic Lab Work Only


Opt for focused lab analysis to understand specific aspects of your hormonal health.

Comprehensive Lab Work & Consult


Engage in an extensive health evaluation with in-depth lab work and a thorough consultation, crafting a tailored approach to your hormone health.

IGF Lab Work


Delve into your Insulin-like Growth Factor levels, crucial for health monitoring and wellness strategies.

Regain Hormone Balance

Embrace a holistic approach to hormone health with our personalized services, ensuring you feel your best every day.

Testosterone Membership (Labs Included)


Maintain consistent hormonal health with our Testosterone Membership, including regular lab work for ongoing monitoring.

Pellet Insertion

$375 (Every 3 Months)

Experience sustained hormone balance with pellet insertion, a convenient and effective method for hormone therapy.

Male Shot (PRP) Sexual Health


Enhance male sexual health and performance with our PRP treatment, a natural approach to revitalizing sexual wellness.

Woman Shot (PRP) Sexual Health


Elevate female sexual health with our specialized PRP treatment, designed to rejuvenate and enhance sexual well-being.