What’s Longevity Metabolic Testing?

It’s the key to unlocking the secrets of your body’s potential. With Longevity Metabolic Testing, you get a personalized pathway to understanding and enhancing your metabolic health, longevity, and overall wellness. Our comprehensive suite of tests delves deep into your metabolism, genetics, and key biomarkers, offering a detailed roadmap to optimize your lifespan and well-being.

(Active Metabolic Rate)

AMR Test: $150

Understand exactly how your body burns calories during activity so you can stay on track with your fitness goals.



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(Resting Metabolic Rate)

RMR Test: $150

Learn about your caloric burn rate at rest for tailored dietary planning that helps you get results faster.


AMR+RMR+Nutrition+Fitness Coaching

Comprehensive Package

Combine AMR, RMR, nutrition, and fitness coaching for a holistic wellness strategy. This package includes three months of nutrition and fitness coaching, bi-monthly meetings with your coach, and discounted renewal options for ongoing metabolic testing.

  • Includes 3 months of nutrition & coaching, plus 2 monthly meetings with the coach, & discounted renewal on testing

Personalized Analysis:

Receive an in-depth analysis of your metabolic rate, genetic predispositions, and health indicators, enabling a tailored approach to your diet, lifestyle, and supplements.

Tailored Recommendations:

Based on your unique profile, get customized dietary advice, lifestyle modifications, and supplement suggestions to align with your health goals and metabolic needs.

Fitness and Wellness Coaching:

Benefit from professional guidance with our wellness coaching, available both virtually and in-person. Our expert coaches provide targeted exercise recommendations and continuous support to ensure you stay on track with your health objectives.

Ongoing Support:

Engage in two monthly consultations with your wellness coach, ensuring consistent guidance and adjustments to your personalized plan.

Begin your journey to a healthier, longer life with Longevity Metabolic Testing. Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your path to wellness is clear, personalized, and continuously supported.