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Paola Nielsen-Lensgraf

vitamin C deficiency 

Do You Have A Vitamin C Deficiency?

Millions of people increase their vitamin C intake during cold and flu season. Maybe you’re one of them. This popular antioxidant protects your cells and repairs body tissues, but it’s probably best known as an immunity booster.

Vitamin C is in fruits and vegetables; most people get enough with a healthy diet. However, smokers, those who have limited diets, and people with some chronic diseases can all be at risk of vitamin C deficiency.

At Medi Spa at Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, we assess your symptoms and make recommendations from hormone therapy to IV infusion treatments to ensure you have the right nutrient balance to feel your best.

Here are 7 typical symptoms of a vitamin C deficiency

On the extreme side, you could develop scurvy, which leads to bleeding gums, easy bruising, and slow wound healing. Before you get to that point, your body can display different symptoms like:

1. Fatigue

Vitamin C converts food into energy. You could have a vitamin C deficiency if you’re always tired despite adequate rest and healthy foods.

2. Frequent infections

If you’re getting sick more often or taking a longer time to recover, a lack of vitamin C could be to blame.

3. Dry skin

Vitamin C also promotes collagen production. As you may know, collagen helps your skin stay hydrated and maintain its elasticity. You may benefit from a vitamin C-infused facial and other treatments if your skin is dry and damaged.

4. Joint and muscle aches

Vitamin C helps maintain healthy connective tissue. If you have unexplained aches and pains, vitamin C may help relieve them.

5. Bleeding gums and dental problems

You guessed it, vitamin C maintains your healthy gums and teeth. You may have bleeding gums or tooth loss if you’re not getting enough.

6. Corkscrew body hair

If you notice your body hair is growing in unusual curled or bent shapes, it could be related to a lack of vitamin C. Why? Vitamin C affects your hair growth and health.

7. Mood changes

That’s right — vitamin C is linked to serotonin and other neurotransmitters. These affect your mood, and if you’re not getting enough vitamin C, it could lead to mood swings, irritability, and even depression.

You may be surprised that one vitamin can have so much power. That’s why getting the right balance of nutrition is so important because your body is complex and requires multiple vitamins and nutrients.

At Medi Spa at Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, we offer customized treatments and IV infusion to jump-start your nutritional regimen, including vitamin C.

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