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Paola Nielsen-Lensgraf

Reach Your Fitness and Weight-Loss Goals

Reach Your Fitness and Weight-Loss Goals

Yes, you can have the level of personalized fitness training that has long been the domain of elite athletes. Longevity Metabolic Testing or PNOĒ uses your breath to uncover obstacles in how your body uses oxygen and expels carbon dioxide, and with your resting metabolic rate.

This revolutionary approach offers guidelines for a personalized training and diet program geared toward your body so you reach your fitness and weight loss goals faster.

At Medi Spa at Choto, our expert team can help you lose weight and feel your best. We offer support through weight loss management programs and now through PNOĒ state-of-the-art cardio-metabolic analysis

Why your cardio-metabolic health is important

Heart disease, high blood pressure, and excess weight are indicators of health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the most common cause of death in the United States.

Cardiovascular exercise like running, walking, swimming, or other blood-pumping activity promotes circulation and oxygen flow through your body. It can also stimulate metabolism, stabilize insulin, and help you drop excess weight.

Your cardio-metabolic health can provide a snapshot of your overall health and wellness.

How the PNOĒ state-of-the-art cardio-metabolic analysis works

Previously available only in a clinical lab setting due to the complexity of this approach, PNOĒ makes this innovative analysis available to everyone.

Also known as VO2 max testing, the analysis measures your oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide exhalation while you’re cycling or running on a treadmill. You wear a mask that collects your exhaled gasses while working out. The test starts at a comfortable level and then ramps up in intensity.

The higher the VO2 max, the better your cardio fitness levels, and you can only discover this through testing.

Personalized fitness regimen and diet works with your body for better results

With this analysis, we can develop a customized training program designed for your cardiorespiratory fitness and metabolic capacity. This also provides a framework for optimizing your exercise regimen for efficiency and performance.

In addition, PNOĒ provides vital information about your resting metabolic rate. The metabolic rate is how many calories your body burns while at rest. With that information, we can develop a weight loss plan that works for you.

PNOĒ also measures:

  • Cellular function
  • Biological age
  • Mobility
  • Cognition
  • Fat burn
  • Breathing mechanics
  • Lung fitness

Regular VO2 max testing can show improvements in fitness and help predict performance.

Medi Spa at Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers a complete holistic program for your weight loss success. It includes nutrition, workout, and the PNOĒ analysis.

Click here to schedule your consultation and see how the PNOĒ state-of-the-art cardio-metabolic analysis can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.