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Paola Nielsen-Lensgraf

What is a nutraceutical product and why and when should I consider taking them?
A nutraceutical product may be defined as a substance, which has a physiological benefit or provides protection against chronic disease. Nutraceuticals may be used to improve health, delay the aging process, prevent chronic diseases, increase life expectancy, or support the structure or function of the body.
At Medi Spa At Choto our experts will consult with you about your current health and your goals. We can help you choose the best supplements that will help you achieve those goals.  From weight loss to anti-aging,  natural hormone therapy, libido for men and women, and boosting your immunity.  Below are some of the most popular supplements in the market now and offered at Medi Spa At Choto.
General Supplements:
  • PhytoMulti:
    • Plant-based MVI (multivitamin)
    • Supports healthy aging: cardiovascular health, brain function, eye/vision, liver, and immune support
  • D3 5000:
    • An important nutrient that most people are deficient in
    • Immunity, bone health
    • Anti-viral capabilities
  • Collagenics
    • Supports connective tissue, joints, and collagen
    • Musculoskeletal system, skin, hair, nails
  • GlutaClear:
    • An important role in protecting against oxidative stress
    • Antioxidant
    • Liver health and detoxification
    • Protects mitochondria, anti-aging



  • Immune Defense Pack:
    • Everything you need to support your immune system in 1 box
    • 1 month supply of:
      • Quercetin: protects against harmful free radicals, cardiovascular health
      • EGCG: promotes antioxidant processes
      • NAC: plays a key role in the process of protecting against oxidative stress
      • Vitamin D: long-term immune health & well being
      • Zinc: mineral essential to healthy immune system functioning
  • D3 5000:
    • Immunity, bone health
    • Anti-viral capabilities


Women’s Health:

  • Estrovera:
    • For menopausal symptoms, esp hot flashes but also sleep, moods/irritability, fatigue
    • Non-hormonal, so okay in patients that can’t take hormones due to cancer risk
  • HerSynergy:
    • Libido!


Men’s Health:

  • HisSynergy:
    • Libido
  • BioSom:
    • DHEA which converts to testosterone


Weight Control:

  • Clear Change 10 day Detox:
    • Natural metabolic detoxification
    • Rids the body of toxins, heavy metals
  • Clear Change Daily Essentials: 1-month program
    • Nutrition/supplemental support for daily detoxification
  • L-Carnitine:
    • Supports fat metabolism
    • Required for the breakdown of fats & glucose into energy
  • UltraFlora Control:
    • Probiotic to help control body fat and body weight