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Paola Nielsen-Lensgraf

Longevity Metabolic Testing

Metabolic assessment is arguably the most comprehensive assessment of the human body, scanning the most critical organs and delivering the insights necessary for developing a holistic lifestyle
program. Its ability to identify limitations across a wide range of systems in the human body, including
our cells, heart, lungs, and the interaction between our breathing and brain, renders it an ideal entry
touch point for any facility looking to upsell a series of services.

Our AI analysis software considers all 23 biomarkers collected from the PNOĒ device and translates them into scores that provide a multilayered assessment of one’s health while offering the most fundamental building blocks for crafting a personalized nutrition and exercise program. This software was built using data from 50,000+ metabolic profiles and established best practices from 100+ peer-reviewed publications and official guidelines from the American Heart Association, the American Thoracic Society, and the European Heart Association.

Our experts can then determine the best diet and exercise plan specific to your body type. They will also recommend what micro nutrients you would benefit from supplementing and how to order them.

There are different levels of testing, and everyone can truly benefit from knowing what is happening inside their body and how to address it.

Knowledge is power!

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