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Sonya Benge

Massage Therapy

But what do you want, what do you need, and what do you actually get?

What do you want out of your massage? This a simple question you ask yourself because you have an issue and you want it to feel better/go away. As professional therapists, almost 75% or more of our clientele requests deep tissue, and in a way, they know that their muscles need work, but not that they can get it done without feeling pain. We can achieve deep tissue work in a pain-free way.

 Deep tissue has become the forefront for massage when you have actors or athletes have these done as they are in a  “scene” or bench-warming. The difference between you and the actors though may just be that you get a massage once a month (if that) and they get two or more massages a week!  This continuity basically trains their bodies to receive different types of massages – from Swedish to deep tissue.  So if you think you need a deep tissue massage, step back and think for a moment “I just want the pain to go away” or “I want the deepest muscles in my shoulders manipulated” …you may find that a better therapist that listens to you is ten fold better than just a generic massage session.

What do you actually get? Massage is an ancient technique. Anyone can do a massage. But only a handful of people should be a therapist, even among the therapists. There is a genuine talent that comes with being able to listen to someone, have an open mentality to assist them and be able to figure out their limitations.  You have areas of concern, maybe it’s in the shoulders or the glutes- regardless I will try my best to keep it relaxing and firm pressure, giving the sense of relief and the knowledge of being worked on is what will sweep you away and realize the value of massage.

We will be so happy to answer any questions and look forward to helping you with any of your massage needs.

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